Yoga Mala with Agate Pendant


Jade, Crystal, Wood and Glass Beads

Jade: Jade stone is good for kidneys and bladder infections. It’s said to be bless whoever it touches. It’s is the ultimate “Dream Stone” to access the spiritual world, encourage creativity and knowledge, It’s a powerful healing stonier. It gathers tranquility. Alleviates emotional hurt, brings joy, encourages happiness and good energy. Calms the mind.

Crystal: ┬áRelease mental, physical and spiritual blockages. it helps you to connect to the planet’s healing energy.

Wood:Brings warmth to body and soul. [email protected] good for arterial sclerosis, rheumatism and arthritis. it supports general and physical stability and healing. It also encourages emotionally and give patience.

Glass Beads:It balances yin and yang. It helps to balance though and brings calmness. It enhances the light inside your soul.

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