This is a place that you can find all kind of unique hand-made arts & crafts. Talented people whom started producing these products as a hobby at first but later it’s turned out to be their profession for living.

When I was a teenage girl, I used to do knitting, sewing, baking, cooking, oil & pastel painting. I was always very much into creative art. Later, due to the heavy education, then work life, setting up a family, being mother, raising a child etc… years passed by and I had no spare time to do my hobbies anymore.

In last summer 2018, I was in Turkey on my vacation, my talented girl friends inspired me with their beautiful craft works. Some are doing crochet such as handbags, baskets, table-wear, cushions, blankets, some are doing tapestry (Goblen), cross-works, some others are doing wall arts, some are doing hand-made silver & gold jewellery, Yoga Mala with semi-precious gem stones & beads and beautiful accessories for all occasions, some others are working on unique Bodrum sandals & sleepers by decorating them with needle-laces, some are doing crochet soft toys called “Amigurumi” for little loved ones…this list goes on and on…

For so long, I’ve been thinking to start up my own business and do something that I really enjoy. After my vacation when returned to UK, I decided to create a platform to gather all these unique products and open an online “ART & CRAFT STORE” to allow thousands or may be millions of people to reach all these beautiful delicately selected products and help to empower this society.  My suppliers were initially myself, my best friends and friends of my friends. Today this Network has already reached almost 20 people.

CRAFTOSPHERE is a fantastic place full of creative ideas, I also see it a therapy center for my soul. As Master Pablo Picasso quoted “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday Life”…

ENJOY and be proud to empowering this SPIRITUAL NETWORK with your purchases.

Warm Regards,